Frequently asked questions

What is Pegasya?

Pegasya is a massively multiplayer online game created by Nebula. It is aimed to be a game to relax, play with your friends and enjoy the beautiful world of Pegasya.

What can I do in Pegasya?

After you have downloaded the game, you will be able to create a character, choosing between different assets for your character and colours. To then play either online or offline and explore the world of pegasya. There won't be npcs since this is not an MMORPG, but you will still be able to interact with others or some other little things around the world. (Some features like character customization and online multiplayer might not still be available

How can I play it?

Download the appropriate executable for your operative system and open it, after that create a new character and join the world of pegasya, it's as simple as that!

Do I need internet connection to play?

You will need an internet connection to join the world of Pegasya. Although you can still use the game without the internet to customize your pony, and we may implement an offline world in the future.

Do I need a powerfull pc to play it?

Not really! Even if your pc is quite a potato, you can lower down the graphic settings to ensure it runs well on it. Anyways, there is a minimum system requirement to play the game, you can find it here.

Can I help with the development of the game?

If you feel like you would be able to help us in any of the areas this game works in you're very much welcome too. Contact us through steam or Discord and tell us in what area you would like to work in. We might not accept you if the area you want to help us in is already covered.